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Billing & Consulting

Do you need to invoice and you do not have the budget to be a freelancer, or you don’t know who to do that?

TC-Factory gives you the solution if your work is very intermittent, or you do not generate enough income. This service will undoubtedly interest you and it’s ideal for artistic activities, programmers, photographers, designers and freelancers in general.

TC-FACTORY was born from Thinking Company to serve this increasingly growing need. You can have a declared activity, and completely legal.

It’s very simple:

TC-FACTORY invoices your clients with it’s CIF. We make you an employment contract for the time you do the work, and we pay you through a payroll. You just have to deduct the hiring costs and administrative expenses.

Comparative example of costs between the self-employed regime (Spain case) and TC-FACTORY, for a turnover of 1000 euros + IVA:

Freelancer’s fee283€0€
Taxes (*):150€0€
Hiring expenses (**):0€209€
Total expenses:493€209€
Total to charge:507€791€

(*) 15% on the profit, which is 100%.

(**) Average costs for a 2-day contract under the general regime, at 2% personal income tax, plus administrative costs. 

Detailed study of each case

Due to the multitude of possible situations, prior to hiring this service, we study your case in a particular way. Looking for maximum profitability, within the law, and preserving compatibility with your professional situation.