Places - Thinking Company


Thinking Company is a Seville Coworking that recovers unique spaces with its own history and enclaves located in the historic center of the city where a growing cultural and intellectual activity is concentrated.

Naturally, together with our neighbors, we build a professional ecosystem where local and leading traditional activities coexist, open to the world, with studies in architecture, engineering, crafts, audiovisual, politics, music, dance, theater, etc.

Coworking Pasaje Mallol

Address: Pasaje Mallol 10AC (San Julián District)

Other places

Multipurpose Room (Pasaje Mallol)

40 m2 room, with plenty of natural light for whatever you want to use.
Address: Calle Pasaje Mallol 10 AC

Office & Coworking (La Imprenta)

Centennial printing press authorized as coworking, with a charming Seville’s “patio”.
Address: Calle González Cuadrado 22

Office & Coworking (El Pasaje)

Private office, you will have as neighbors a graphic work shop with centuries-old printing techniques and that design custom stringed instruments.
Address: Calle Pasaje Mallol 10 (San Julián District)

Events Hall

“Allegro ma non Troppo” events room. Old Seville house with meeting rooms, catering and patios to surprise your group.
Address: Calle Parras 31 (San Gil District)

Office & Coworking (San Vicente)

Traditional spanish office ideal for groups.
Address: Calle San Vicente 78 (San Lorenzo District)