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Virtual Office

We offer you the domiciliation of your company in Seville capital, at the address of our facilities at

“Calle Pasaje Mallol 10ac, 41003, Seville”.

What do we include?

  • Tax address of your company
  • Headquarters
  • Commercial use of the address in online and physical media
  • Postal address: Reception and notification of correspondence and small parcels (To be agreed)
  • Use of the meeting room with special discounts. Choose the most suitable room.

(*) The client can choose one or more of these services, or one as needed.


Company domiciliation & Virtual address

25€/month – 270€/year

  • Tax address.
  • Head office.
  • Business address, online media presence.
  • Discounted use of meeting rooms.

Postal reception

25€/month – 270€/year

  • Postal reception of letters.
  • Postal reception of parcels.
  • Business address, online media presence.
  • Discounted use of meeting rooms
20% discount if you book both types of services
40€/month, 432€ /year

Why to hire this service?

This service is aimed at individuals or companies that do not need a specific physical space to carry out their activity. However, for various reasons they need to address their professional activity, associating it with a postal address.

  • Tax address: Companies created in Spain are required by the tax agency to have a tax address for notifications.
  • Headquarters: The hiring of personnel implies having a work center.
  • Postal reception: In addition to the receipt of letters, the growing boom in online shopping makes it necessary to have an address to receive guaranteed parcels.
  • Commercial presence in Seville: The client can have a delegation in Seville, being able to publish their presence in Seville in their media.
  • Rooms for meetings and events: The need for face-to-face meetings or events with clients, collaborators, etc. It can also be supplied in our facilities. You can choose the most suitable room.