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About Us

Today, Thinking Company is a network of coworking spaces and professional solutions for anyone who needs to work, think and share. We strive to improve and adapt our services to the ever-changing circumstances of the environment.

Thinking Company is the natural result of all the experiences the team has had over the last 20 years. We were coworking long before the word “coworking” became part of our everyday vocabulary.

Sharing ideas and concerns led us to share projects, spaces and professions. In the end, we ended up sharing the most important things: joys, celebrations, hopes and, of course, some disappointments and failures. Our principle is simple: to understand people as the end and not as the means.

Our coworking, meeting and event spaces in Seville are unique spaces with a history of their own. We are located in enclaves in the historic centre of the city where there is a concentration of innovative and unique cultural and intellectual activity, invisible until recently in a city like Seville, with a very traditional heart.

It is no coincidence then that we have forged our own identity, not only market or fashion oriented, but with a very strong human touch.

Here you can find your place, you can concentrate or socialise as you wish. We are many, but at the same time we are a community in which we coexist and cooperate in a harmonious and enriching way, and in which all professional disciplines are connected: technologists, artists, intellectuals and entrepreneurs. Together, but not mixed up, always with the utmost respect, and above all with a clear vocation to make our businesses grow.

In any case, no matter how much we tell you about us, the atmosphere at Thinking Company, as in any other place, can only be perceived by visiting us.

So don’t hesitate, come and experience what we have to offer whenever you want and without obligation, we listen to you!